JAC 6x2 truck with crane 10 ton JAC 6x2 truck with crane 10 ton JAC 6x2 truck with crane 10 ton JAC 6x2 truck with crane 10 ton

JAC 6×4 Truck with crane 10T technicial parameters
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 11990X2495X3730 The size of the box(L*W*H) 8800X2400X550,800
Total Mass(kg) 25,000 Loading capacity(kg) 9,950
Technical parameter of chassis
Chassis Model HFC1241P2K1C54F Color Optional
Engine Model CA6DF4-20E4
Horse power 150kw/204HP
Displacement 6740ml
Emission Euro 3
Wheel Base(mm) 1900+5400 Driving type 6×2
Type & Size of Tyre 10.00-20 18PR,10.00R20 18PR,11.00-20 16PR,11.00R20 16PR Number of tyre 10+1(spare tyre)
Spring number 9/9/9+7 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1495/3195
Front/rear track(mm) 2040/1860 Approach/ departure angle (°) 21/11(°)
Technical parameter of crane(10T XCMG straight arm)
Crane model SQ10SK3Q Crane weight (KG) 3,600
Max. lifting weight(KG) 10,000 Max. working height (m) 14
Max oil plow of hydroulic systm(L/MIN) 80 Rated pressure of hydraulic system(mpa) 28.0
Oil tank capacity (L) 160 Installation space(mm) 1,150
Max. working radius (m) 12 Max lifting Moment(T.M) 25
Lifting capacity/working radius Lifting capacity(kg) working radius(m)
10,000 2.5
4400 5.5
3200 7
2300 9
1500 12
Rotation angle 360°, all rotation
This chassis can install SQ12S,SQ12Z, SQ8S,SQ8Z, SQ6.3Z, SQ6.3S