Foton 4x2 truck with crane 3.2 ton Foton 4x2 truck with crane 3.2 ton Foton 4x2 truck with crane 3.2 ton Foton 4x2 truck with crane 3.2 ton

Foton Truck with crane 3.2T technicial parameters
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 8020,8220X2490X3600 The size of the box(L*W*H) 4800,5000X2300X520,600
Total Mass(kg) 12,495 Loading capacity(kg) 5,800
Technical parameter of chassis
Chassis Model BJ1122VDPED-G1 Color Optional
Engine Model YC4E160-42
Horse power 118kw/160HP
Displacement 4260ml
Emission Euro 4
Wheel Base(mm) 4500 Driving type 4×2
Type & Size of Tyre 9.00-20 12PR 9.00R20 12PR Number of tyre 6+1(spare tyre)
Spring number 10/11+9 Front/rear suspension(mm) 1245/2275
Front/rear track(mm) 1810/1800 Approach/ departure angle (°) 26/22(°)
Technical parameter of crane(3.2T XCMG straight arm)
Crane model SQ3.2SK2Q Crane weight (KG) 1229
Max. lifting weight(KG) 3,200 Max lifting Moment(T.M) 6.72
Max oil flow of hydroulic systm(L/MIN) 25 Rated pressure of hydroulic system(MPa) 20
Oil tank capacity (L) 30 Installation space(mm) 850
Lifting capacity/working radius Lifting capacity working radius
3200 2.1
1800 3.36
900 5.46
500 7.56
Max. working radius (m) 7.56 Max. working height (m) 9.5
Rishing angel 0º-72º Rotation angel 360º
Rotation angle 360°, all rotation
This chassis can install SQ3.2S,SQ3.2Z, SQ4S,SQ4Z, SQ5Z, SQ5S