8T compactor garbage truck (DONGFENG) 8T compactor garbage truck (DONGFENG) 8T compactor garbage truck (DONGFENG) 8T compactor garbage truck (DONGFENG)

Product HIgh Performance Dongfeng 8CBM small compactor garbage truck price, garbage can cleaning truck
Cab Single row,Left/right hand drive with AC
Chassis Brand dongfeng
Chassis model DFA1080
Drive type 4×2
Tire Spec. 7.50-16 14PR,7.50R16 14PR,8.25-16 12PR,8.25R16 12PR
Tire Numbers 6
Braking System air brake
Clutch Uniwafer,dry clutch,hydraulic,remote control
Transmission manual
Engine Model YC4E140-42
Horse Power(hp) 140 HP
Displacement(cc)/ Power(kw) 4260
Emission Euro IV
Main Parameters Overall dimension (L*W*H/mm) 7110x2290X2650
Wheelbase(mm) 3800
Axles No. 2
GVW(kg) 8275
Curb Weight(kg) 1500
Leaf spring No. 8/10+7,11/9+7
Approaching/Departure Angle(°) 24/13
Front/Rear track(mm) 1770/1586
Front/Rear suspension(mm) 1210/1950
Max speed(km/h) 99
Front/Rear Axle Load(kg) 3310/4965
Modified Description 1. Volume:4-16CBM,made by carbon steel plate
2. Types of collect garbage:barrel collecting,bucket collecting,box collecting.
3. Equipped with two sets of hydraulic operation systems.
Composition Basic composition:chassis,container,push plate,scraper blade,sliding plate,padding machine,tipping bucket, hydraulic electric system and etc.
Purpose This truck is mainly used for the sanitation department of municipal and large-scale factories and mines carry a variety of waste with simple and convenient collection method.