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Item Parameter
Description of LPG tank 80cbm LPG storage tank
Overall dimensions (mm) 11166*3132*3826
Kerb weight(kg) 17000
Filling weight(kg) 31920
Type of vessel The third kind
Design pressure 1.77MPa
Max working pressure 1.61MPa
Design temperature -19~50℃
Filling medium Liquid petroleum gas (propane)
Tank Corrosion allowance 1.0mm
Volume 80 CBM
Thermal treatment The entirety
Filling capacity 420~450kg/CBM
Material of the tank Q345R
Hydraulic test pressure 2.22 M Pa
Gas tight test pressure 1.77 M Pa
Cylinder thickness 16mm
Head thickness 18mm
Service life 15 years
Accessory for the LPG storage tank
Liquid level indicator Type UNZ-518C14
Version of the indicator Magnetic type liquid level indicator
Normal pressure 2.5M Pa
Scope of testing 50-2300mm
Precision 2.5
Safety valve Model A42F-2.5-80
Version Built-in
Normal pressure 2.5 M Pa
Normal diameter DN80
Opening pressure 1.68~1.76MPa
Re-seating pressure 0.8 times of the opening pressure
Loading and unloading system Normal diameter Feed pipe DN80
Drain pipe DN80
Admission port DN80
Sewage outfall port DN80
Vent nozzle port DN80
Standard GB150 <pressure vessel> TSG R0004-2009
Safety fitting for selection Safety valve, column magnetic liquid level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, cut-off valves, etc.
Specification Designed Pressure: 1.66Mpa
Filling Ratio: 0.42 kg/L
Working Temperature:-50℃
Corrosion Allowance: 1mm