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Semi trailer Tank
Curb weight 15430kg Design pressure 1.61Mpa
Payload 24570kg Design temperature -25℃-50 ℃
G.V.W. 40000 kg Filling medium LPG
Capacity 58.5m3 Tank material Q345R
Wheel Base 7092+1310+1310mm Corrosion allowance 1.0 mm
External Dimensions 12900*2500*3977mm Hydraulic test pressure 2.22Mpa
Full load Fifth wheel load 16000Kg Thickness of material Tank 9mm
Rear axle load 24000kg Cover 12mm ellipse
Design the limited velocity Straight road 80 Km/h Vessel’s sort The third kind
Turning 20 Km/h Service year 10 years
Emergence cutting valve Safe valve
Nominal pressure PN2.5Mpa Model Inner full lift
Nominal diameter Gas phase DN 25mm Nominal pressure PN2.5 Mpa
Liquid phase DN 50mm Nominal diameter DN80mm
Operation way Mechanical type set-pressure 1.77 Mpa
Closing time ≤10 Sec Rated relieving pressure <1.93 Mpa
Melt switch temperature 70±5℃
Level meter Inlet and outlet
Model Handle Rotary type Model Quick tie-in
Nominal pressure PN2.5Mpa Nominal diameter Gas phase DN25mm
Surveying range 50~2300mm Liquid phase DN50mm
Precision 2.5 Grade
Standard configuration 3 axles with FUWA bridge (13T)、12R22.5 12PR(13 pcs with one spare), JOST king pin、JOST leg(25T)、mechanic liquid level meters、pressure meter、thermometer、emergency cutting valve 、safe valve tool boxes, single outlet ,double loading and unloading system、2 sets fire extinguishers 、