3-4cbm swinging arm garbage truck(YUEJIN) 3-4cbm swinging arm garbage truck(YUEJIN) 3-4cbm swinging arm garbage truck(YUEJIN)

Product name Arm Roll Garbage Truck
Chassis type NJ1042MDA3
Cubage( CBM ) 4
Dimensions(mm) 5995x1990x2800
Total Mass(kg)  4495
Payload(kg) 650
Parameters Unladen Mass(kg) 3695
Approach/ Departure angle(mm) Dec-34
Front/rear suspension(mm) 1035/1652
Fuel Type diesel
Max Speed(km/h) 90
Engine Type CA4DC2-10E3
Displacement/Power(kw) 3168/76
Manufacturer FAW
Chassis Drive type 4×2
Wheelbase(mm) 3308
Number of axles 2
Axle load 2023/2472
Tread(front/rear) 1628/1586
Cab Set according to the chassis
Number of spring axle(front/rear) 11/10+6
Number of tires 6
Tires 7.00-16
Air-condition Choose to fix
*This truck is mainly used to transport the garbage,or the construction materials such as the plaster,sand,stones and clay,etc.Also can be used to carry the mineral and the coal.
*The truck in our company are equipped with large hydraulic cylinder to drive the two arms. Installed with hydraulic legs to ensure stability and safety during operation.
*Composed by chassis,litter bins and swing arm deceleration buffer oil cylinder.Its marked feature is the seperating of the litter bins and the truck,which realize one truck matches with many different litter bins.
*The litter bins can be sealed or semitight,can be rectangular or trapezoid.