2+1+1 powder fire truck (ISUZU) 2+1+1 powder fire truck (ISUZU) 2+1+1 powder fire truck (ISUZU) 2+1+1 powder fire truck (ISUZU)

Parameter (kg) Rated pay load 4000 Outline dimension(mm) 8245×2485×3460
Complete vehicle kerb mass 11000 Box body size(mm) /
GVM 15250 Wheelbase(mm) 4500
Engine parameter Model 6HK1-TC Type Turbocharged medium cooling
Power / displacement(kw/ml) 191/7790 Manufacturer ISUZU
Performance parameter Maximum speed(km/h) 95 Tread(mm) Front axle 1960
Maximum climb(%) 28 Rear axle 1855
100-kilometer Fuel Consumption(L) 22.4 Suspension(mm) Front suspension 1335
In empty slope(%) 20 Rear suspension 1990
Minimum turning diameter(m) 16 Driving angle(°) Approach angle 26
Min. ground clearance(mm) 248 Departure angle 13
Transmission description Mechanical type six gear box Tyre 10.00R20-16PR,
Cab description Flat four door cab, can take 6 people
Fire system parameter Tank capacity Water:2000(L)Foam:1000(L);Powder:1000(kg)
Fire pump CB10.60 ;  CB20.10/30.60   (optional)
hydrogen system Number of cylinders: 6 pcs
Cylinder capacity: 40L/pc
Cylinder filling pressure: 15MPa
Dry powder tank Number of dry powder cans: 1 (pc)
Powder filling quantity:  1000  (kg)
Working pressure:  1.4MPa
Powder remaining rate: ≤15%
Fire monitor Foam gun model: PP48 type water and foam
Dual purpose fire monitor
Effective range: water:≥65m;foam:≥55m
Dry powder gun model: PF40 type dry powder gun
Effective injection rate: 35~40 kg/s
Effective range: ≥35m
Dry powder gun model FR20
Effective range ≥20m