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Parameter of the LPG tank
Item Parameter
Tank Description of LPG tank LPG storage tank
Overall dimensions (mm) 6224*1820*2410
Curb weight(kg) 3920
Filling weight(kg) 5985
Type of vessel The third kind
Design pressure 1.77MPa
Max working pressure 1.61MPa
Design temperature -19~50℃
Filling medium Liquid petroleum gas (propane)
Corrosion allowance 1.0mm
Volume 15 CBM
Thermal treatment The entirety
Filling capacity 420~540kg/CBM
Material of the tank Q345R
Hydraulic test pressure 2.22 M Pa
Gas tight test pressure 1.77 M Pa
Cylinder thickness 10mm
Head thickness 12mm
Service time 15 years
Filling accessories for LPG
 skid station
Item Model QTY
Hydrocarbon pump Blackmer brand LGLD2e 1
Exposion proof Motor ABB brand 1
Liquid meter UQZ-2.5P 1
Safety valve A42F-25 DN50 1
Stop valve J41N-40 DN50 3
J41N-40 DN32 2
J41N-40 DN25 3
Piping safety valve A21F-25 DN15 1
Unload pipe L=4M DN50/DN25 1
Shake proof pipe L=500mm DN50 2
Filling gun with  pipe L=2M 3
Elbow DN50 10
Flange 2.5MPaDN50 50
2.5MPaDN32 1
2.5MPaDN25 8
Base 1 set
Pipe 1 set
Electric filling scale BSC-150 1 set
Bolt 16*70 1 set
12*55 1 set