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Wuxi companies help build success at Shanghai Disneyland

A string of Wuxi-based companies have contributed to the construction and infrastructure of the much anticipated Shanghai Disneyland, scheduled to open on June 16.

The shuttle buses operated by Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts Zone, where the new Disneyland is located, are EV80 vehicles manufactured by a Wuxi-based subsidiary of Chinese auto manufacturer SAIC Maxus. Lan Qingsong, SAIC’s vice president, said that the EV80 has low operating costs and low emissions.

Some 24 of the themed buildings within the park had the help of Wuxi Zhongjian Steel Structure Co., Ltd, who built the steel structures.

Jangyin-based Shuangliang Group designed a gas waste heat recovery system for Disneyland, which utilizes Internet Plus so that the system can be monitored and maintained remotely.


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